The Color tool is a valuable way to control the intensity of colors in a photo. It’s often used in conjunction with the Develop tool.

Standard Settings

  • Saturation. This slider adjusts the intensity of all colors in your photo.
  • Vibrance. This slider adjusts only the intensity of muted colors, ignoring well-saturated colors. It’s helpful in achieving fine control when adjusting color.
  • Remove Color Cast. This slider automatically removes undesirable color casts in your images by detecting and adjusting the hue.


  • Hue/Saturation/Luminance. In this drop-down menu, you can toggle between adjusting the Hue, Saturation, and Luminance when adjusting the sliders below.
  • Hue. Adjusts the hue or basic color shades of your image for the selected target. Moving the Hue slider to the right results in a shift towards the next color in the list (for example, from Orange to Yellow). Sliding to the left shifts the hue toward the previous color in the list (for example, from Orange to Red).
  • Saturation. Adjust the color saturation for the selected target. Moving this slider to the right results in a more intense color. Moving it to the left removes color.
  • Luminance. Adjust the brightness of the selected target color. Sliding this control further to the right results in a brighter color within the image. The further to the left, the darker the color.
  • Hue Shift. This slider lets you roll the hue in a photo for subtle or dramatic changes. A little hue shift is perfect for eliminating unwanted color tints, while a significant shift is perfect for a dramatic style.

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