NoiselessAI in Luminar Neo is a sophisticated, AI-powered noise reduction tool designed to eliminate luminance and chroma noise from your images, resulting in cleaner and visually appealing photos. This advanced extension works with various image formats, including raw and non-raw files, and offers optimal results when applied to raw photos.

Leveraging intelligent algorithms, Noiseless AI analyzes the image’s noise level and suggests one of three noise reduction presets – low, middle, or high – for a quick and effective noise reduction solution throughout the image. Additionally, it provides manual control through sliders for Luminosity Denoise, Color Denoise, Details, and Sharpness, allowing you to fine-tune the balance between noise reduction, detail preservation, and image sharpness.

NoiselessAI in Luminar Neo empowers photographers to confidently use higher ISO settings without compromising image quality and to achieve superior results while maintaining full creative control over their images.

Luminar Neo’s NoiselessAI tool, the Luminosity Denoise, Color Denoise, Details, and Sharpness sliders work together to help you achieve noise-free images while retaining detail and sharpness:

  1. Luminosity Denoise: This slider targets luminance noise, which manifests as random variations in brightness or grayscale values, creating a grainy appearance in your image. Adjusting the Luminosity Denoise slider reduces this noise, resulting in a smoother image while preserving important details and textures. Finding the right balance is crucial to avoid over-smoothing and losing detail.
  2. Color Denoise: This slider removes chroma noise, which appears as random color speckles or blotches in your image. By adjusting the Color Denoise slider, you can eliminate these color artifacts effectively, producing a cleaner and more visually appealing photo. Be careful to maintain a balance that preserves natural colors without introducing color casts.
  3. Details: The Details slider enables fine-tuning the balance between noise reduction and detail preservation. Increasing the Details value helps retain finer details and textures in your image while reducing noise. Be cautious not to push it too far, as overemphasizing details can reintroduce noise or create artifacts.
  4. Sharpness: The Sharpness slider enhances overall image sharpness by accentuating edges and details in the photo. Adjusting this slider counteracts potential sharpness loss from noise reduction, resulting in a more detailed and crisp image. Use this slider judiciously to avoid unnatural-looking edges or halo effects.

Using the NoiselessAI tool in Luminar Neo requires finding the right balance among these sliders to achieve optimal noise reduction while preserving essential details and textures in your images.

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