Add a whole new light source to your photo — the sun! You can control its position, warmth, and the amount of glow for a subtle or even dramatic change in lighting. Combine the Sunrays tool with blending modes for even more control of your lighting.

Standard Settings

  • Place Sun Center. Click this button to position the sun. You can also drag the position off of the photo canvas.
  • Amount. This slider controls the overall intensity of the sun’s rays.
  • Overall Look. This slider changes the overall brightness of the scene.
  • Sunrays Length. This slider controls the distance the sun rays travel.
  • Overall Penetration. This slider impacts how much the sun passes through an area. It can be useful when trying to naturally composite the sunrays into a photo.

Advanced Settings

  • Sun Radius. This slider affects the size of the sun (the origin point of the sunrays).
  • Sun Glow Radius. This slider changes the size of the glow around the sun.
  • Sun Glow Amount. This slider changes the intensity of the sun’s glow.
  • Number of Sunrays. Use this slider to select the number of sunrays.
  • Randomize. This slider will generate an entirely new variation based on your current settings.
  • Sun Warmth. This slider can change the sun from a bright white to a warm glow.
  • Sunrays Warmth. Use this slider to adjust the color temperature of the rays.

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