If the sky in your photo isn’t compelling, you can easily replace it with the SkyAI tool. This tool is designed to work with flat or blown-out skies but can be refined to work with most skies using the sliders. Using the power of artificial intelligence, SkyAI automatically analyzes an image identifies where the sky begins and ends, recognizes if water is featured in the image, and then seamlessly replaces the sky and adds reflections to any bodies of water to create a realistic look.

  • Sky Selection. Visually select the sky you want from the dropdown list and instantly have an idea of what your final result will look like. You can add your own skies individually or in bulk.

To add a single sky, click the + icon at the end of the sky list and browse your computer for a sky to add.

To add a group of skies, select Show Custom Skies… from the Sky Selection dropdown list. Then drag and drop your custom skies to the folder that opens. We recommend keeping fewer than 50 skies loaded at a time for better performance.

  • Orientation
    • Horizon Blending. This slider smooths the transition between the current horizon and the new horizon. Using a higher value often results in a more photo-realistic look.
    • Vertical Offset. You can freely position your new sky vertically and place it exactly where you want it in the scene. SkyAI will perfectly scale it to fit while keeping it aligned with the horizon.
    • Horizontal Offset. You can freely position the sky horizontally and place it exactly where you want it in the scene. SkyAI will perfectly scale it to fit while keeping it aligned with the horizon.
    • Rotation. You can rotate the new sky on the Z-axis for perfect alignment.
    • Flip. You can flip the new sky to change the direction of the sun.
  • Mask Refinement
    • Global. This slider affects how the texture is mixed into the scene. A higher value will increase the amount of new sky that is added.
    • Close Gap. This slider fixes small details and holes that were not initially filled by the replacement sky. You may need to adjust this if the image has fine details such as trees or wires.
    • Fix Details. Takes care of small imperfections around the edges of your new sky.
  • Scene Relighting. The SkyAI tool relights the entire photo so the lighting and colors of the original image match the lighting and colors of the replacement sky. This slider adjusts the intensity of the relighting effect.
    • Relight Strength adjusts the exposure of the scene to match the new sky.
    • Relight Saturation adjusts the saturation of the relighting effect to realistically add the color from the new sky to the scene.
    • Relight Human controls relighting for any people in the scene, matching people to the new sky for a more realistic effect. Use this slider on environmental portraits and lifestyle photos to see the drastic difference!
  • Relighting. SkyAI provides realistic scene relighting by eliminating strong color casts from the sky on foreground objects. LuminarAI will automatically reflect the new sky in any body of water in the most realistic way. The new sky automatically conforms to the angle and depth of the scene to produce incredible results down to the smallest details.
    • Reflection Amount allows you to adjust the intensity of the reflection to your liking.
  • Sky Adjustment
    • Defocus. This slider defocuses the sky and is useful when a shallow focus is used with a foreground object.
    • Grain. Use this slider to match new skies to the grain in the original photo for a seamless, realistic effect.
    • Atmosphere Haze. Use this slider to add a soft haze to the sky. Haze is useful for matching a replacement sky to the original image, especially if there’s moisture in the sky or environmental pollutants.
    • Warmth. Use this slider to adjust the color temperature of the image.
    • Brightness. This slider darkens or lightens the new sky. It’s useful for matching the original scene.


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