The third free update to LuminarAI brings new benefits to the AI-powered editing tool. With this update, we continue to deliver on our commitment to make it easier for artists of every skill level to achieve incredible results with their photos.

Here are the changes you should find useful.

Picture-perfect horizons with the improved SkyAI tool

To deliver satisfying and realistic results, we’re constantly improving the algorithms behind our AI tools. In Update 3, you can enjoy significant improvements to the SkyAI tool.

Better Sky Detection

Once a new sky is selected, SkyAI now uses improved horizon detection to more accurately place it in the scene. The new sky is automatically adjusted to better match the perspective of the photo, and refined edge detection and masking are used to better integrate the new sky for a more organic effect.

Horizon Position & Sky Orientation

When replacing the sky in previous versions of LuminarAI, it could be difficult to realistically align the new sky with its reflection in the water. This was because the Vertical Offset slider controlled the alignment of both the sky and the water reflection, moving them in the same direction.

Now, you can replace the sky and set the desired position of your horizon line thanks to the Shift slider in the Horizon Position section of the SkyAI tool. If the horizon is tilted, be sure to take advantage of the Rotation slider.

You can then use the Vertical Position slider in the Sky Orientation section to further adjust your image. This slider controls the position of the new sky in both the sky and water areas but moves them in opposite directions in relation to the horizon line until you get the ideal match between your new sky and its reflection.

Better Reflections

The Sky Adjustments section in SkyAI is where you can easily adjust the new sky to refine Atmospheric Haze, Warmth, and Brightness. These controls let you precisely adjust the mood of the sky and match it to your scene… and now to your reflections too! With the Sky Adjustments tools, you can precisely color grade and tone your photos with great flexibility.

Additionally, you can add a realistic Water Blur to the reflections in your image. This lets you better match reflections when the water surface has waves or ripples.

Better Relighting

Improvements in color accuracy create a more natural effect when the new sky is used to automatically relight the entire scene, including reflections. Three relighting controls allow you to fine-tune the lighting to fit your creative vision.

As soon as you replace the sky, the water is instantly relit. This gives you the ability to replace a daytime sky with an evening sky or a simple sky with a dramatic one. LuminarAI calculates the correct reflection in the water and matches lighting across the whole image.

Fantastic worlds in your skies with Augmented SkyAI

You can now instantly preview Sky Objects you add to the custom folder. Select any Sky Object in the visual browser to instantly preview it in your scene. To help you explore this new feature, we’ve provided three new Augmented Sky Objects free of charge in the Luminar Marketplace.

Image by Andrea De Santis

New support for Apple hardware and image format

As Apple continues to push the hardware envelope, Skylum is keeping pace.

  • Apple M1 support — LuminarAI now runs on Apple’s next-generation M1 machines. With the native M1 support in Update 3, macOS users can take full advantage of the faster processing of Apple’s M1 chips.
  • HEIC support — Update 3 also adds support for the HEIC image format on Windows, so Windows users can now open and edit photos taken on iPhones and other iOS devices.

Convenient Template browsing

Templates are a great way to explore creativity. LuminarAI scans each image and can recognize more than 7,000 types of objects. It then offers editing suggestions based on image contents. For example, LuminarAI can recognize a dog in a photo and suggest Templates, especially for pets. You can use these suggestions to finish your images quickly or as a starting point to get up and running.

Browsing Purchased Templates

In LuminarAI Update 3, you can now access your purchased Templates visually. Templates in the Purchased tab are neatly organized in a grid so you can more easily find and use them. Plus, you can use the Get More Templates button to find new Templates directly in LuminarAI.

Recommended templates

After your image is analyzed, you can choose recommended Templates in the For This Photo section. And at the end of the list of recommendations, you’ll now see new suggestions for Templates from the Luminar Marketplace. These are chosen based on the same intelligent scan that recommends built-in Templates, and these recommendations are a great way to explore new ideas.

Faster application launch time

We’ve made improvements to the core engine that loads when you launch Luminar. Most users will see reduced launch times when you startup the application. This will let you get to editing sooner.

Even more product improvements…

You’ll also notice these small, helpful updates throughout LuminarAI. Little things can make all the difference when building better workflows.

  • Dodge & Burn tool — Easily paint highlights and shadows in your photos to enhance the mood. And with the new Softness slider, you can subtly refine the edges of the affected area for a more natural result..
  • Erase tool & Clone tool — Both of these tools offer non-destructive editing to easily remove unwanted objects or blemishes. Thanks to the Undo and Redo commands that are now available not only on macOS but also on Windows, there is no need to start over if you make a mistake or change your mind. Just undo the brushstroke and make fine adjustments.

Bug Fixes and Minor Enhancements

All Platforms

  • No more unwanted ghost effects when using Sunrays or adjustments in the Optics and CompositionAI tools.
  • Retain vertical perspective changes when exiting the CompositionAI tool.
  • Open Asus Zenfone 5 JPEG files without issues.


  • Use Templates from both the Favorites and Edit tools when using LuminarAI as a Photoshop or Lightroom plugin.
  • Retain EXIF metadata when using LuminarAI as a Lightroom Classic plug-in.
  • Rotate your image and use the white balance dropper in the Light tool.
  • Enjoy greater stability when using the AtmosphereAI tool.


  • Avoid excessive memory use when moving a Texture on an image.
  • Launch the Photos for macOS extension without any errors.
  • Access all Export fields when running LuminarAI on macOS High Sierra.
  • Launch LuminarAI up to three times faster on macOS Mojave.
  • Use LuminarAI as a plug-in for the native version of Photoshop on Apple M1 Macs.

Thank you for always supporting LuminarAI. We hope you will love creating amazing photos in the new Update 3. Stay tuned for more news, and be sure to join us in the AI Insiders community for tips, inspiration, and daily training!

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