For this tutorial, we will add a new sky —along with other landscape edits— and then we will sync the edits to another photo from the same set of images using the files QuickStart_Landscape_A.RAF and
QuickStart_Landscape_B.RAF. You can download the practice file here

  1. Select the QuickStart_Landscape_A.DNG file, then click the Template tab at the top.
  2. In the For This Photo section, select the Easy Landscapes collection.
    • If you don’t see this collection in the For This Photo section, you can access it by scrolling to the bottom of the sidebar and go to Landscapes > Easy Landscapes.
    • Then, click on the Clean Light template to apply it to the photograph. This adds a boost of contrast, color, and structure to the image.
  1. There is some noticeable vignetting on the corners of the image, due to a filter on the lens when the image was photographed.
    • To remove this, first click the Edit tab at the top.
    • Then, scroll down to the Professional section and select the Optics tool
    • Put a check in the Auto Distortion Corrections box. The vignette in the corners of the image is now removed from the scene.
  1. Next, scroll up to the Creative section and activate the SkyAI tool.
    • In the Sky Selection drop-down, click the Blue Sky 6 sky to add it to the photo.
    • In the Orientation section of this tool, decrease the Horizontal Offset slider to –13 to shift the visible sky area to the left.
    • Notice how the newly-added sky is also reflected in the water!
  1. Let’s make some adjustments to make the sky fit better with this scene.
    • In the Sky Adjustments section, increase the Grain to +14, which will help make the sky look like it is a part of the original image.
    • Then, to make the color and tone of the sky look more natural, increase the Atmospheric Haze to +85, Warmth to +32, and Brightness to +*50*.
  2. There is already a small amount of mist coming off of the water, but with LuminarAI we can intensify that effect.
    • To do this, access the AtmosphereAI tool and set the Mode to Haze.
    • Next, change the Amount to +100 and the Depth to +30.
    • The mist on the water is now intensified and looks very natural.
  1. Scroll up to the Essentials section and access the Landscape tool.
    • Increase the Foliage Enhancer to +42 to intensify the greens in the trees.
    • Then, expand the Advanced Settings and decrease the Foliage Hue to –60 to make the tree color more yellow and better suited for the season this image was photographed.
  1. Now, scroll down to access the Mystical tool.
    • Increase the Amount to +25.
    • Set the Shadows to +60. This adds a nice touch of color, contrast, and glow, and is a pleasant finish to this photo.

Sync Adjustments

  1. Click Catalog at the top and make sure that the photo you just edited is selected.
    • Then, right-click the photo and select Adjustments > Copy Adjustments.
  2. Next, click on the QuickStart_Landscape_B.RAF file to activate it.
    • Right-click over this photo and select Adjustments > Paste Adjustments.
    • The settings from the first image are now synced to the second image.

You are able to go into the Edit tab if you desire to make any individual adjustments to refine the image.

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