The Erase tool works non-destructively and does not use layers. As soon as you select the Erase tool, your cursor becomes a brush. When you brush over areas you wish to erase, a red overlay appears showing your selection.

  • Select and Deselect. By default, the Select button is chosen. When brushing over an image with Select chosen, you select areas to erase (indicated with a red overlay). By clicking the Deselect button, you can deselect areas to erase (removing the red overlay).
  • Brush Radius. This slider increases or decreases the brush size. You can also use the left and right bracket keys ([ ]) to decrease and increase the brush size. It’s a good idea to keep the brush only slightly larger than the size of the object or blemish you’re erasing.
  • Erase. Click this button to erase areas of the image that you’ve selected (indicated with the red overlay).
  • Clear Selection. Click this button to clear all of your current selections so you can start over.

The Erase tool serves a similar purpose to the Clone tool, allowing you to remove unwanted objects or details. But its approach is different from Clone. Rather than setting a source point for pixels, with Erase you simply click and brush over unwanted areas. LuminarAI then examines the surrounding pixels and generates a new texture based on its awareness of what’s nearby in the photo.

The Erase tool also matches the texture, lighting, and shading of the original pixels. This approach is often quite effective, as this tool is fast and easy to use.

How to use the erase tool:

  1. Open an image that has items you’d like to remove.
  2. Switch to the Erase tool by going to the Essentials section of the Edit panel or by pressing Cmd+E (macOS) or Ctrl+E (Windows).

  1. Use the Zoom tool (in the top toolbar) and the Hand tool to explore the image’s details. Hold down the spacebar to temporarily switch to the Hand tool.
  2. When you find an area you want to erase, simply click and brush over it.
  3. You can adjust the size of the brush using the Brush Radius slider.
  4. To subtract from selected areas, choose the Deselect button. The Select button, which is chosen by default, lets you add to selected areas. You can also press the X key to toggle between selecting and deselecting pixels with the Erase brush.

  1. Click the Erase button to remove selected areas.

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