For this tutorial, we will add depth and detail to a close-up photo of a bee using the file QuickStart_Bee.RAF photo. You can download the practice file here.

  1. Select the QuickStart_Bee.RAF file, then click the Template tab at the top.
  1. In the For This Photo section, scroll to the right until you see the Objects template collection. If you don’t see this collection in the For This Photo section, you can access it by scrolling to the bottom of the sidebar and go to Macro > Objects. Then, click on the Perfect Macro template to apply it to the photograph. This template helps bring out the sharp details in the macro image.
  2. Click on the Edit tab at the top of the window and access the Essentials tools at the top of the sidebar.
    • Then, expand the CompositionAI tool.
    • A crop outline will appear over your image; click and drag the cursor from the top-left until the bee is along the left third-line of the photograph. Press Return (Mac) or Enter (Win) when finished to commit your crop.
  1. Next, access the EnhanceAI tool.
    • You’ll notice a small grey dot to the left of this tool, indicating it has already been applied (in this instance, it was from the Perfect Macro template added in Step 1).
    • Increase the AccentAI slider to +70 to add more of this effect to the photograph.
    • This adds a touch more brightness and contrast to the photograph.
  1. Scroll down to the Color tool.
    • Increase the Saturation slider to +46, which makes the colors more saturated.
    • There is a subtle color cast in the image, so to balance this out, increase the Remove Color Cast slider to +30.
  2. Go down to the Professional tools section and access the Color Harmony tool.
    • Increase the Warmth slider to +30 to give the photo a warmer feel.
    • Then, expand the Color Contrast section and increase the Amount slider to +30.
    • Notice how this makes the orange of the bee and the purple flower brighter without affecting the rest of the photograph.
  3. The main part of the bee is a little dark and it would look better if it were a bit brighter.
    • To do this, expand the Dodge & Burn tool.
    • Set the Brush Size to +52 and the Strength to +20.
    • Then, brush the cursor over the eyes and top part of the bee a few times to add brightness to that area.
  4. Now, scroll up to the Creative tools and expand the Mood tool.
    • Use the Choose LUT dropdown to select the Bakersfield option to add a subtle stylized color effect.
    • Then, reduce the Contrast slider to –50 to make it less contrasty.
  5. Lastly, go back up to the Essentials tool and locate the Vignette tool.
    • Decrease the Amount to –56
    • Expand the Advanced Settings. Increase the Feather to +50 and Inner Light to +10. This helps bring attention to the main part of the image: the bee.

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