As you adjust a Template or build one from scratch, you may find a particular combination that you like. Custom Templates can function as the jumping-off point for your own look and style.

  1. Make sure an image is open in LuminarAI.
  2. Click Templates at the top of the window to switch to the Templates Browser and choose a Template to apply.
  3. To finish your image, switch to the Edit tab
    • You’ll see the tools used in a template indicated with a dot next to their name.
    • Add new adjustments as desired.

A Template can store a lot of tools in an easy, one-click effect. Different photographers will desire different Templates.  Plus a Template may work great on some photos, but need a little tweaking for others. Once you select a Template, you have the ability in the Sidebar to use tool controls to modify that Template to fit your specific image needs.

Saving a Custom Template

As you adjust a Template or build your own recipes from scratch, you may find a particular combination that you like.  A Template can store a lot of control in an easy, one-click effect.

After you edit your image, saving your new style as a LuminarAI Template is easy.

  1. Adjust an existing Template or add your own tools to an image.
  2. In the top toolbar, click the Templates button to open the Templates panel.
  3. Refine the look of your image with different tools until you are satisfied.
  4. At the bottom of the Templates panel click the Item menu (three dots) and choose Save in the lower-right corner.

  1. The item is saved to your My Collection tab.
  2. You have the option to rename the Template or keep the default name in the My Collection tab.

Modifying Custom Templates

  1. Your new Template can be found under Template panel > My Collection > User Templates.

  1. Click the item menu next to the Template name if you want to manage or rename the template.
  • Edit. Loads the Template as an active effect.
  • Rename. Renames the current Template.
  • Delete. Deletes the current user Template.
  • Show in Finder/Show in Explorer. Opens an operating system window for the currently selected Template file. This allows you to copy the Template and pass it on to someone else.    

Sharing a Custom Template

Any LuminarAI Template you make can be shared with other users, manually backed up to a new location, or copied to a new computer.  You can freely export your own Templates and import another person’s Templates into your application.

  1. To view any Templates, navigate to the User Templates section in the My Collection area of the Templates panel.
  2. Click the item menu (three dots) next to a custom Template and choose Show in Finder (macOS) or Show in Explorer (Windows).
  3. Select the Templates you want to share, then send them to fellow LuminarAI users. Be sure to copy the entire parent folder which contains the preset file, resource file, and custom icon.
  4. To copy Templates on another machine, just reveal the folder as described above. Then go up one level to the Users folder.
  5. Simply drag the new Templates into your LuminarAI Templates User Folder.
  6. For best results, restart Luminar to load all the new Templates.

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