Initially, Luminar creates a default catalog when you first launch the application. You can use just this one catalog for all your photos or easily create new catalogs. Catalogs can be located anywhere on your hard drive. By default, Luminar creates its first catalog in your pictures folder. Catalogs are also referred to as libraries and contain a database of your images and their locations, Thumbnails of these images, and a history of all the adjustments applied to an image.

Creating a Catalog

If you want to create a new catalog, its simple.

  1. With Luminar open, choose File > Catalog > New. 
A dialog box opens using you to name the new catalog and choose where you want to store it.
  2. Enter a name and choose a location. Many choose their pictures folder, but any drive or location can work.
  3. When you save the new catalog the current catalog is closed and the new one is opened.

You can now add images or open Single Image Edits as desired.

Switching Catalogs

If you’re working with multiple catalogs, switching is just a click away.

  1. To open a previously created catalog choose File > Catalog > Open
  2. Navigate to the Catalog you want to work with, it will appear as a folder.
  3. Select it and click open.
  4. The current catalog is closed and the selected catalog is opened.

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