A Vignette darkens or lightens the edges of your image. This is quite an old technique to emphasize the accents on photos. The effect typically leaves the central area unaffected while the edges are shaded or lightened. Luminar goes further by letting you place the center point of the vignette anywhere in the image you like.

Standard Controls

  • Choose Subject. Click this button to enable a crosshair, you can then click within the photo to center the vignette. This allows you to adjust the visual focus of the vignette by offsetting it. Use this to guide the viewer’s eye to your subject.
  • Amount. Strengthens the darkening around the edges of photos. Move the slider to the left side of the picture to give more shading to the edges, while moving the slider to right will brighten the edges.
  • Size. Size of the obscured area. Moving the slider to the left will increase the area of darkening. Moving the slider to the right will reduce the area of darkening.

Advanced Controls

  • Mode. Choose whether you want the vignette to be applied before or after any cropping applied to a layer.
  • Roundness. This slider changes the shape of the shaded area.
  • Feather. This slider sets the smoothness of the transition between the area of shading.
  • Inner Light. This slider increases the brightness in the central region which is not affected by shading. It allows you to create a contrast effect.

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