One of the easiest ways to find your content is with shortcuts. Located in the Library Side Panel, Shortcuts let you quickly access your library. Luminar makes it easy to see content arranged by dynamically populated Shortcuts that organize your images based on common and powerful criteria.

All Photos

Selecting the All Photos shortcut loads all of the photos in your current catalog. If you click on the small disclosure Triangle you can browse your Library by Year, Month, or Day. Photos are automatically sorted based on their file creation or capture date.

On This Day

If you have pictures in your library that were captured on the current day, this shortcut will help you relive your photography memories. This shortcut gives you the opportunity to look back on what pictures you took on this day exactly one or more years ago. It’s a great way to look back on how you’ve grown as a photographer, and provide you with some inspiration to get your day started!

Single Image Edits

If you have chosen to use the Edit Single Image command, the Single Image Edits shortcut will appear in the list.  Selecting this will show all of the images you have temporarily added to your library to process.


If you have Flagged any images as Favorites, the favorites shortcut will appear.  This is the quickest way to find all of your favorite images.  Combining this option with a selection from the Viewing Filter allows you to filter your favorite images by star rating, color label, and other criteria. Just click the dropdown list located next to the word Showing in Gallery View to get started.

Recently Added

Recently added photos appear under the Recently Added shortcut.  If you click on the small disclosure triangle you can browse these images by the specific day they were added to your library.

Recently Edited

If you want to quickly review images that you have edited, select the Recently Edited shortcut.  All of your edited images will appear.  If you click on the small disclosure triangle you can refine what Luminar shows you by Today, Yesterday, This Week, or This Month.


If you have deleted any images the Trash shortcut appears.   Here you can review images that you’ve queued for deletion.  The images can either be deleted and moved to the system trash for cleanup or returned to the Luminar library.


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