You can use Luminar to edit single images at a time. You can choose to open one or multiple images into a session and work with those images for basic or creative editing. The edit history of these files can be stored in a Luminar catalog, but this is optional.

  1. Create a new catalog or use your existing catalog. To create a new catalog choose File > Catalog > New….
  2. Choose File > Edit Single Image to select your photo, or press Cmd+O (macOS) or Ctrl+O (PC).
 A new dialog box opens.
  3. Select the image(s) you want want to edit.
  4. Apply any adjustments or tools you want to the photo.
 Your edits are automatically saved to the Catalog file.
  5. Choose File > Export… or File > Share to create a new file with all of the Luminar tools applied.
  6. Repeat the process and open up the next image you want to work with.
  7. You can find your single images by switching to the Library. Just click on the Single Image Edits shortcut.

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