Enables custom images and textures to be blended as a layer into the current image. Textures can easily give your photos new unique looks, especially when you’re trying to achieve a vintage or grungy look.

Standard Controls

  • Load Texture. Click the Select Texture button to open a file browser.  You’ll be able to choose a texture graphic on your hard drive.
  • Flip/Flop buttons. This swaps the direction of the texture image.
  • Blend Mode. Use a Blending Mode to change how the texture mixes with your image.
  • Opacity. Use the Amount slider to control how the image lightens or darkens based upon the texture layer.
  • Zoom. Controls the size of the texture.

Advanced Controls

  • BrIghtness. Adjust how light or dark a texture is.
  • Contrast. Increase or decreases the dynamic range of the texture.
  • Saturation. Add or subtract the intensity of color in the texture.
  • Hue. Change the colors in a texture by rolling the hue.

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