Once you’ve developed one image, it’s easy to reuse those adjustments on other photos. This process is called syncing and works by selecting the images that you want to unify. Syncing is a global command and takes all of the adjustments from one photo and applies them to one or more selected images.

To sync an image:

  1. Open an image in Luminar and edit it to the desired state.
  2. Make sure that the adjusted image that you want to use is selected. It should have a gold border around its edges to indicate a selected state.
  3. Select multiple images that you want to apply the same adjustments to.
    • This can be done in Gallery Images Mode (press the G key to switch).
    • You can also select multiple images in the side Filmstrip (View > Hide/View Filmstrip)
  4. Select the additional photos you want to use.
    • Hold down the shift key and click to select a range of images.
    • Hold down the Cmd key (macOS) or Ctrl key (Windows) and click on individual photos to add them to the selection.
    • Additional selected photos now have a white border around them.
  5. Choose Image > Adjustments > Sync Adjustments to unify the images or press Shift+Cmd+S (macOS) or Shift+Ctrl+S (Windows). The images will synchronize, once complete you’ll notice an adjustment badge in the upper left corner when viewing in the Gallery Images Mode.
  6. Inspect the newly synced images and modify them as needed.

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