You may need to export multiple files for other tasks. Maybe it’s to post online, to drop into a presentation, or to collaborate with others. When you export a file, you can save in a variety of file formats including JPG, TIFF, and PNG.

  1. Chose the image or images you want to save.
  2. From the main menu choose File > Export or click the Share image button in the top toolbar corner and choose Export to image…. A new dialog box opens.
  3. Choose a location to store the saved file on your hard drive, an attached disk or using a Cloud storage provider.
  4. Select from the following optional items:
    (When exporting multiple images you may need to mouse click on the options box in the lower-left corner of the export dialog box to see these options.)
    • Format. Choose from eight different file formats. Some options like TIFF and JPEG may offer additional settings for control over compression and bit depth.
    • Sharpen. Choose whether you want to Sharpen the exported file. This can increase details in the edges of the image and overcome some of the compression artifacts of formats like JPEG.
    • Resize. You can choose to export at the original size or to enter a new dimension for the image to fit its long side or short side.
    • Color Space. You can choose from 3 color spaces for output.
      • sRGB is the narrowest color gamut, but most compatible with the web
      • Adobe RGB is a common color space used in computer graphics and many software applications.
      • ProPhoto RGB is the widest gamut and supports the broadest range of colors. ProPhoto RGB is the only color space that can contain all the colors captured in a raw format photo.
    • Quality. Some formats (like JPEG) allow you to assign a Quality setting which will affect overall compression and the final file size.

If you are exporting a single file, you can change its name to something more descriptive at the top of the dialog box. If you are exporting multiple images, you won’t see this option, and the exported files will retain their original file names.

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