You can also rate images in the Edit or Single Image Library view.  This can be useful as you enhance the image as you might change your mind about how good it is (especially after taking advantage of Luminar’s filters and Looks).

To start:

  1. Click a Shortcut in the Library panel or choose a Folder, Subfolder, or Album for the images you want to work with.
  2. Press the G key to ensure you are in Gallery images mode. This mode makes it easy to get an overview of a folder or album’s contents so you can choose the image you want.
  3. Choose the image that you’d like to edit and double click to enter Single image mode.
  4. The individual image opens and you should see ratings and other useful information below the image in the Canvas.
  5. If hidden, click the View menu and make sure Current Photo Actions is marked. You can now rate directly below the image.

The image will shrink slightly to reveal a set of rating controls.  If no ratings have been applied to the image you will see the outline of a small circle, the outline of a small heart, a greyed out X, and 5 greyed out stars.  If the image has already has been rated, those ratings will be reflected in the symbols when you activate show Current Photo Actions.  

From left to right, here’s what’s displayed

  • File name. Matches the name of the file on your hard drive.
  • Color Label. You can click on the circle to get a drop down of the various color labels
  • Flagged. Click the heart to flag the image as a favorite
  • Rejected. Click the X to reject the image
  • Rating. Click any of the 5 stars to rate the image.

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