You can move images and subfolders from one folder in your Library to another folder in your Library.  If you decide to reorganize your photos within Luminar, you can select single or multiple images and drag them onto a different master folder or into a subfolder.  These images will be relocated on your hard drive to match their new location inside of Luminar.   You can also move an entire subfolder of images from one folder to another, this to will affect the organizational structure of your hard drive.

Moving Images from the Single Image Edits Collection to a Folder (Mac only)

You may recall that the Edit Single Image command is a great way to work with individual images and not add them to your collection of folders. Any image you open is tracked as a recent file in the Single Image Edit collection.

Images that have been temporarily added to Luminar using the Edit Single Image command can be permanently added to your Luminar Library.

  1. In the Shortcuts area, click on the Single Image Edits collection.
  2. Select an image (or multiple images)
  3. Drag the image thumbnails onto any folder or subfolder in the Library Panel. The images will be physically moved into the matching location on your hard drive.

These images will still appear in the Single Image Edits shortcut even though they are now part of your Library.  To remove them from the Single Image Edit shortcut, select them and just press the Delete key.  The image is removed from the Single Image Edits collection.  Though no longer in the Single Image Edits collection, the images are in the new location you and added to your Library.

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