\ Activates before/after comparison. When the key is pressed, the original image will be shown. Releasing the key will reveal the enhanced image.
; Activates split-screen comparison mode where the original image is on the left side and the edited result will be on the right side. To exit the mode press the ; button again.
L Switch to the Library Panel
D Switch to Edit Mode and Panel
I Switch to the Info Panel
F Full-screen view
Tab Hide/Show all panels
Space Quick switch between Single Image View/Gallery View
-> Next Photo
<- Previous Photo
Cmd + -> Next Look
Cmd + <- Previous Look
Cmd + click Select Multiple discrete photos
Shift + click Select multiple contiguous photos
Cmd+M Minimize

Luminar Menu

Cmd + H Hide Luminar
Alt + Cmd+H Hide Others
Cmd + Q Quit Luminar
Cmd + , Preferences

File Menu

Cmd + O Open (Images for Quick Edits)
Cmd + W Close File
Shift + Cmd + E Export to Image
Cmd + B Opens Batch Processing Mode
Shift + Cmd + P Page Setup
Cmd + P Print

Edit Menu

Cmd + Z Undo
Shift + Cmd + Z Redo
Cmd + X Cut
Cmd + C Copy
Cmd + V Paste
Cmd + A Select All
Cmd + D Deselect All


C Enter the Crop tool
Cmd + T Free Transform tool
Cmd + J Clone & Stamp tool
Alt Change Chosen Part for Cloning
Cmd + E Erase tool
X Press the X key while in Crop mode to Rotate Aspect Ratio. Switch crop between portrait and landscape orientation.

Library Menu

Cmd + N New Album
Alt + Shift + N Add New Folder

Image Menu

Set Flag
P Flagged
X Rejected
U Unmarked
Set Rating
5 5-star rating
4 4-star rating
3 3-star rating
2 2-star rating
1 1-star rating
0 0-star rating
[ Increase rating
] Decrease rating
Set Color Label
6 Red
7 Yellow
8 Green
9 Blue
Cmd + [ Rotate Left (CCW)
Cmd + ] Rotate Right (CW)
Shift + Cmd + S Sync Adjustments
Cmd + C Copy Adjustments
Cmd + V Paste Adjustments
Shift + Cmd + R Reset Adjustments
Remove Images
Cmd + Delete Move to Trash
Delete Remove from Album/Collection
Cmd + R Show in Finder

View Menu

Option + Cmd + T Hide/Show Toolbar
L Toggle Library Sidebar
D Toggle Edit Sidebar
I Toggle Info Sidebar
Cmd + + Zoom In
Cmd + – Zoom Out
Cmd + 1 Zoom to 100%
Cmd + 0 Fit to Screen
; Compare
Ctrl + Cmd + F Enter Full Screen
F Show a full-screen preview of just the image
J Show/hide Clipping
Cmd + L Show/Hide Filter Catalog

Mask Editing

B Brush
G Gradient Mask
R Radial Mask
[ Decrease the brush radius
] Increase the brush radius
Shift + [ Decrease the brush softness
Shift + ] Increase the brush softness
Cmd + I Invert Mask
X Switching between painting/erasing modes
/ Show current layer mask in the form of red transparent image
Cmd + I Invert the layer mask


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