The Side Panel gives you access to important controls for browsing and navigating your photo library.  Shortcuts give you quick access to your images based on predetermined criteria.  Use Albums to organize images with a virtual collection, images can be added from multiple folders or removed without any effect on master files. However, Folders are the way to control the images on your hard drives and work with your data directly.


The use of Shortcuts offers quick access to your library with a series of predetermined shortcuts.

  • All Photos. Browse your library by Year, Month, or Day.
  • Single Image Edits. Tracks photos that have been opened as single images into Luminar.
  • Favorites. See all of your images that you’ve flagged as Picks (just click the heart icon or press P when an image is selected).
  • Recently Added. Quickly see images that have been recently added to your library.
  • Recently Edited. Review images that have been recently edited.
  • Lost Edits. This only shows if a Luminar catalog has previously edited images who’s master files have moved.
  • Trash. Review images that you’ve queued for deletion. The images can either be deleted and moved to the system trash for cleanup or returned to the Luminar library.


Place your photos into virtual collections. You can choose images from any location or folder. Adding and removing has no effect on your actual files on the hard drive, rather use an album like you would a playlist to organize music.


Folders tie directly to folders on your hard drive. Luminar works with the real-world folder structure of your hard drive(s). 

  • Master Folder. When you select a folder, it will be added as a top-level folder to your folder collection. All folders contained within are also added.
  • Subfolders. Any folders contained within a Master folder are added as subfolders. Additional folders within those folders are also added. You can add additional subfolders to any folder in the future by right-clicking on a folder and choosing the New Subfolder Command.

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