This tool is useful for enhancing your image and removing lens imperfections. These sliders are designed to remove flaws in the image caused by the lens or camera handling. The exact controls you’ll see vary between standard and raw files.

  • Auto Distortion Corrections (raw only). Click this option to remove lens distortion automatically. The filter analyzes your image and its metadata to calculate an automatic fix that you can apply in one-click. Get rid of wide-angle distortion and get truer perspective lines and more attractive portraits.
  • Remove Chromatic Aberrations (raw only). Chromatic aberration is a type of color fringing.  It often happens on telephoto lenses and in areas of high contrast.  It tends to show up as magenta or green edges.
  • Defringe.  This adjustment can remove halos or edge noise (particularly in high-contrast areas).
  • Lens Distortion. Drag to the left to increase the barrel shape of the lens.  Drag to the right to pinch and compensate for wider angle lenses. You may need to crop the layer or use the Scale command in the Transform controls to compensate for gaps at the edges.
  • Devignette. Removes any darkening at the edges of an image caused by the lens itself.   This is a corrective command, not a stylizing command.  If you want an artistic vignette, be sure to explore the Vignette filter.
  • Devignette Midpoint. Refines which areas are brightened or darkened by the Devignette slider.

Adjust any of the following properties as needed to transform the image: 

  • Vertical. This tilts the image by rotating on the X-axis.  This tilts the image forward or backward and can help compensate for an image with any keystoning problems.  This type of problem causes vertical lines to appear skewed and is often caused by the camera shooting from age by rotating on the Y-axis.  This angles the image from side to side and solves the problems caused by shooting at an angle in relation to the subject.
  • Horizontal. This adjustment tilts the image on the Y-axis.  It can help compensate for perspective issues caused by shooting off-angle from your subject.
  • Rotate. Rotates the entire canvas on the Z-axis and can be useful for straightening a crooked photo.
  • Aspect.  This command changes the aspect ratio of a photo. Dragging the slider will expand the height or the width while contracting the opposite direction for the second value.
  • Scale. Use the Scale command to effectively crop the transformed photo.  This is a useful way to hide gaps after transforming a photo.
  • X Offset. This shifts the transformed image left or right.
  • Y Offset. This shifts the transformed image up or down.

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