The Erase tool serves a similar purpose to the Clone & Stamp tool, it’s all about removing unwanted objects or details.  But its approach is a bit different.  Rather than Option-clicking to set a source point for pixels, you simply click and paint over the unwanted areas.  Luminar then examines the surrounding pixels and generates a new texture based on its awareness of what’s nearby in the photo.

The Erase tool also matches the texture, lighting, and shading of the original pixels. This approach is often quite effective as the tool is fast and easy to use.

  1. Open an image that has items you’d like to erase and remove from the image.
  2. Switch to the Erase Tool by clicking the Canvas Tools group in the Edit Sidebar or pressing Cmd+E (macOS) or Ctrl+E (Windows).
  3. Use the Zoom buttons and the Hand tool to explore the image’s details.  Simply hold down the spacebar to switch to the hand tool temporarily.
  4. When you find an area to Erase, simply click and brush over the unwanted area. 
  5. You can adjust the size and hardness of the brush with the toolbar at the top of the screen.
  6. To subtract from the targeted areas, press the X key to toggle between adding and subtracting pixels with the brush.
  7. If you have a large area to select, choose the Polygonal Lasso tool (macOS only).  
  8. Click to draw several points to create the desired shape.
  9. When you have a basic selection, click on the first point to close the loop.
  10. Click the Erase button to remove the selected areas.
  11. When happy with the pixel removal, click the Done button.


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