The Color Enhancer Tool offers several advanced options for precise control over color. While you’ll likely not need all of these sliders for each image, being familiar with their controls and benefits is very helpful.

  • Brilliance. Useful for creating rich color in a photo.
  • Warmth. This controls the color temperature in the image. It can be used to stylize an image. Positive values can be used to warm the image.  Plus you can use negative values to tone down an image as well.

Color Contrast

This tool lets you choose a color range to which to apply contrast. The color selected will cause objects of that color to become lighter, while opposite colors on the color wheel will become darker. This effect can help make flat images pop based on the colors in the image. 

  • Amount. This controls the contrast that is created between differences based on colors (vs. luminance). The strongest is the more contrast between primary and secondary colors.
  • Hue. Chooses the target Hue for emphasis.

Split Color Warmth 

This tool can be used to selectively enhances cool and warm tones in your image. Allows you to get increased color contrast and vibrancy or create creative toning effects. You can separately adjust the Warm Colors and Cool Colors.  

  • Warm. Drag the slider to the left to neutralize warm tones such as yellows and reds and to the right to enhance them. 
  • Cool. Drag the slider to the left to cool down Blues, Aqua and Cyan and to the right to neutralize and warm them up.


Сolor Balance

The Color Balance tool is useful to change the overall mixture of colors in an image for general color correction. It can also be used for creative control within different tonal regions of an image. 

  • Range Selectors. Target the Shadows, Midtones, or Highlights in an image for adjustment.
  • Color Balance Sliders. Adjust the balance of Cyan-Red, Magenta-Green, and Yellow-Blue to emphasize certain colors in each tonal region.

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