The Clone & Stamp tool works by replacing unwanted or damaged pixels with good pixels that you target. This tool is easy to use and allows you to set a sample point (where the good pixels are taken from), and then paint into bad areas (to cover up damage or blemishes). Luminar offers feathered brushes to make the blending of strokes easier.
  1. Open an image that needs cloning and stamping.
  2. Switch to the Clone & Stamp Tool by clicking the Canvas Tools group in the Edit Sidebar or pressing Cmd+J (macOS) or Ctrl+J (Windows).
  3. Use the Zoom buttons and the Hand tool to explore the image’s details.
  4. When you find an area to Clone & Stamp, hold down the Option key (macOS) or Alt key (Windows) and click on a clear area near the damaged pixels or blemishes.
  5. Click and brush over the damaged area. 
  6. Click and paint out the pixels you want to remove. You can also try small dabs and short strokes to get a blended look. The sampled pixels are taken from the sample point and cover the unwanted pixels. Try blending multiple strokes together and lower the opacity of the brush for the best results.
  7. After each stroke, the screen blends, and updates to show the new pixels.  Continue to examine the results and make additional strokes as needed.
  8. When happy with the pixel removal, click the Done button.

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