This tool contains two useful adjustments that harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to enhance your photos. The tool automatically analyzes your image and instantly corrects it while still offering control over the final amount.

  • AI Accent. Under the hood, more than a dozen controls are in use. This effect tends to yield naturally beautiful results with one simple slider. The AI Accent tool can substitute for many traditional controls like shadows, highlights, contrast, tone, saturation, exposure, details, and others.
  • AI Sky Enhancer. Luminar analyzes and detects the sky in an image to improve the texture, tone, and colors of the sky itself. The tool can recognize the sky in most photos as well as distinguish between water and other elements in a photograph. It also detects the objects in the foreground and their edges for perfect masking. AI Sky Enhancer performs the necessary improvements, selectively adjusting brightness and contrast, saturation and vividness, alongside recovering the details and improving the textures of the sky and clouds. The AI Sky Enhancer is designed to work with most photographs of skies and works from blue hour in the morning to the blue hour in the evening. The tool is not designed to work with night skies.


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