If your photo could benefit from a more visually interesting sky, the AI Augmented Sky Tool is the perfect fix. AI Augmented Sky detects a photo’s sky automatically and adds a chosen element to the sky area.

Thanks to content-aware technologies, foreground objects are taken into account automatically, making the object blend naturally with the sky. And if you want more control over the placement, you can easily drag the new element around the sky area.

Luminar offers several objects in the tool such as clouds, moons, birds, a space shuttle, and more. Even if photos have complex backgrounds like trees or buildings, there’s no need to involve masking or layers. Instead, the new object seamlessly fits into the photograph, resulting in realistic self-expression.

Standard Controls

  • Object Selection. Choose from a library of sample objects to get familiar with the tool. Be sure to load your own objects as well by choosing the Load Custom Image option. You can also choose the Show Custom Sky Objects command to load your own objects into the menu.
  • Amount. This slider allows you to adjust the intensity of the added object.
  • Warmth. Use this slider to warm or cool the added object. This adjustment essentially adds Cyan or Yellow to the object to change its color temperature.
  • Relight. The AI Augmented Sky tool relights the added object so the lighting and colors of the original object match the lighting and colors of the sky. This slider adjusts the intensity of the relighting effect.
  • Place object. Just click on this button to modify or move the added object. By dragging around the element, it’s easy to place it in the perfect position. You can also rotate and scale the object.

Advanced Controls

  • Mask Refinement. This slider fixes small details and holes that were not filled by the added object. You may need to adjust this if the image has fine details such as trees or wires on the foreground.
  • Defocus. This slider will defocus the added object and is useful when a shallow focus is used with a foreground object.
  • Flip Object. If you’d like to transpose the image, check this box to flip in on its horizontal access for a mirrored image.


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