The Adjustable Gradient tool allows you to selectively adjust exposure, contrast, vibrance, and warmth for 2 different parts of the image. You can adjust the mask orientation for selective editing.

  • Top & Bottom. Choose which areas are affected by the tool.
  • Exposure. Adjusts the luminance of the image. Moving a slider to the left results in a darker image (reduction of exposure value). Moving this slider to the right results in a brighter image (an increase of exposure value). You can adjust the relative exposure for both the top and bottom of the image independently to refine an image.
  • Contrast. Separate contrast controls allow you to modify the amount of contrast at the top and bottom of the image.  Contrast is the difference in luminance or color that makes an object in an image distinguishable from another. Practically speaking, contrast is determined by the difference in the color and brightness of an object in relation to other objects within the same field of view.
  • Shadows. Adjust the darker regions of the image.
  • Highlights. Adjust the brighter regions of the image.
  • Warmth. This slider affects how warm or cool an image appears.  A positive value adds warmth while a negative value cools the image.
  • Vibrance. This slider is a “Smart Saturation” control. In general, its effect is similar to Saturation with the difference that it increases less vibrant colors stronger and has a weaker effect on more vibrant colors. This allows you to get more realistic and less saturated colors the picture. This slider can be used in conjunction with the Saturation to enhance the secondary colors.
  • Set Orientation. Use intuitive on-screen controls to adjust the blending of the top and bottom area.


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