Once you’ve added a new layer to a document, it’s easy to transform it to a new size.  The Layer Transform command is quite useful.

  1. Open the Layers tool by clicking its icon in the sidebar
  2. Select an existing layer or click the + symbol at the top of the Layers tool or use the Add New Image Layer… command.
  3. To scale a layer, click the Layer Transform button or press Cmd+T (macOS) or Ctrl+T (Windows).
  4. If you want the layer to not distort, click the Lock icon in the Info Bar to prevent unwanted distortion.
  5. Drag a corner handle to resize the layer.
    • Drag a corner to resize the layer in two directions.
    • Drag the top, bottom, or side to scale in one direction only.
    • Drag in the center to position.  Resize and position the logo to taste.
  6. To Move the image, just click inside the image area and drag to reposition the image.
  7. To Rotate an image you can click on the Angle readout to reveal a drop-down slider for adjusting the angle of the image up to 45 degrees in either direction. You can also click and drag just outside a corner to rotate.  A grid overlay appears to help you with accurate cropping.
  8. When happy with the position of the new layer, click the Done button. To cancel this action click the Reset button then click Done.


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