Luminar is designed to open a wide range of file formats. This ensures compatibility with most cameras as well as common graphic formats. Supported file types include:

Supported Graphic Formats

  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • TIFF (8-bit and 16-bit)
  • PSD
  • Apple HEIC files (Mac only)

Supported RAW formats

  • .CR2
  • .CR3
  • .NEF
  • .ORF
  • .RAF
  • .ERF
  • .ARW
  • .RW2
  • .DNG
  • .PEF
  • .PPM
  • and more

To see a full list of supported camera click here.

Working with an unsupported Raw Format

If you are trying to open an image from a camera that is not officially supported by Luminar, the best workaround is to convert the images to a DNG file. Shooting DNG may be possible in-camera. Additionally, you can install the free DNG Converter from Adobe.

Luminar fully supports DNG files. This includes DNG files created by a camera. You can also use files created with the DNG Converter utility from a raw format.


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