Add a whole new light source to your photo, the sun!  You can control its position, the warmth, and the amount of glow for a subtle or even dramatic change in lighting. Combine the filter with blending modes for even more control of your lighting.

Standard Controls

  • Place Sun Center. Click this button to interactively nudge the sun’s position by dragging.
  • Amount. Controls the overall intensity of the sun rays.
  • Overall Look. This changes the overall brightness of the scene;
  • Sunrays Length. This impacts the distance the sun rays will travel.
  • Overall Penetration. This slider impacts how much the sun passes through an area.  This can be useful when trying to naturally composite the rays into a photo.

Advanced Controls

  • Number of Sunrays. Use a higher number for more rays and a lower number for fewer.
  • Sun Radius. This affects the size of the sunrays origin point.
  • Sun Glow Radius. This slider changes the size of the glow around the sun.
  • Sun Glow Amount. This slider changes the intensity of the glow of the sun.
  • Sun Warmth. Can change the sun from bright white to a warm glow.
  • Sunrays Warmth. Use this slider to adjust the color temperature of the rays.
  • Overall Randomize. Use this slider to get entirely new results that are a variation based on the current settings.


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