As you work with folders and hard drives, it’s possible that images may move from time to time. For example, if an external hard drive is unmounted, the folders linked to that hard drive will be grayed out.  When opened, thumbnails of the images contained in that folder will be seen, and the photos can still be rated.  However, you will not be able to edit or move those images while the drive is offline.

To bring those folders back online, simply reconnect the external hard drive, and Luminar will reestablish its link with the folders on the hard drive. Once reconnected the folders will no longer be greyed out and the images can be edited or organized as usual.  

A few notes

  • For best results move, rename, and organize referenced folders while Luminar is running
  • Avoid renaming master folders except within Luminar
  • Remember that relocating and renaming folders in Luminar has a direct effect on your hard drive.

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