This collection of tools is designed to help improve portrait photos in a natural, yet pleasing way. The tools also help to highlight and improve the primary features of a person’s face. The tool uses AI to recognize facial details. The tool requires that the face fills at least 25% of the frame for the best results. If multiple faces are present, they will be handled by the tool (provided that the faces are large enough to be detected).

  • Face Light. Adjust the lighting for a face that doesn’t impact the rest of the scene. Get the emulation of a flash or reflector aimed at a face.
  • Red Eye Removal. Fix red-eye problems caused by flash.
  • Eye Whitening. It can whiten the pupils to enhance their eyes.
  • Eye Enhancer. Enhance and make a person’s eyes more expressive and sharp.
  • Dark Circles Removal. Easily remove dark circles or shadows below the eye.

  • Slim Face 2.0. A useful technology to realistically contour and shape a face. Make the face proportionally smaller and naturally slim, achieving more attractive results in your portrait. It’s also useful to correct lens distortion on a face.
  • Enlarge Eyes. Is your portrait subject not fully awake yet? Squinting in bright light? Bring their eyes to life by gently increasing the size of their eyes.
  • Eyebrow Improve. Thicken and darken brows for stronger framing of the eyes.
  • Lips Saturation. It enhances the amount of color in the lips.
  • Lips Redness. Increases the redness of lips.
  • Lips Darkening. It lowers the luminosity of the lips.
  • Teeth Whitening. Brightens the smile in a portrait.

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