These tools are designed specifically to help landscape photographs. However, they can also help with real estate, travel, and nature photographs as well.

Standard Controls

  • Dehaze. The perfect blend of contrast, clarity and color adjustments to help eliminate the effects of fog and haze often found in cityscapes, landscapes, and aerial photos. It’s especially helpful when editing photos shot through glass or if there is a lot of mist or fog in the scene.
  • Golden Hour. Use this tool to bring warmth, softness, and golden glow to all of your photos. Simply dial in the amount of warm toning to introduce an even more overall color vibrancy. Quickly emulate the magic that happens just after sunrise or just before sunset.
  • Foliage Enhancer. It enhances the colors of foliage and greenery automatically, making them more vivid and natural. A good choice for nature and lush landscape images.

Advanced Controls

  • Hue. Modifies the hue of the affected foliage.  Useful to dial in the right amount of green.

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