Some photographers choose to shoot Raw and JPEG files simultaneously. This is often done to have the JPEG files as a reference for in-camera processing or as a backup strategy. Luminar can make it easier to organize files that are captured this way.

When you import Raw and JPEG pairs, you can decide which files to see. This can create a less cluttered library.
  1. Click the View menu and choose View > Raw + JPEG Pairs and select the desired option.
  2. Choose one of these based on need.
    • Show Raw Only. If a Raw and a JPEG exist in the same folder with the same filename, only show the Raw image.
    • Show JPEG Only. If a Raw and a JPEG exist in the same folder with the same filename, only show the JPEG image.
    • Show Separately. You can choose to see both images in your library to use the JPEG file as a reference while you edit.
  3. You can change view at any time.

Here are some rules that are in effect when it comes to adjusting and rating image pairs.

  • Edits to JPEG and Raw files are independent but can be easily synced. Use the View menu to control which images are shown for a clutter-free library.
  • Attributes like ratings, picks, or color labels are applied to the pair on images when you modify either.
  • If you move a file, files are moved as a pair.
  • If you choose to view Raw Only or JPEG Only, deleting an image will move both files to the trash in Luminar.
  • If viewing Raw and JPEG separately, you can delete images independent of each other for the pair.


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