Dodge & Burn tools are known as toning tools. They allow for finer control over lightening or darkening an image. These tools simulate traditional techniques used by photographers. In a darkroom, the photographer would regulate the amount of light on a particular area of a print.  

  1. To Dodge and Burn, apply the Dodge & Burn tool in the Professional Tools section.
  2. Click the Start Painting button to open up your canvas.
  3. Choose either the Lighten or Darken tools in the top Toolbar to select the desired brush.
  4. Use the Size slider in the Toolbar to control how large the brush is.
  5. Use the Strength slider to control its impact.
  6. If you get an accidental stroke, the Erase Tool can be used to remove it.
  7. Click Reset if you need to start over.
  8. Click Done to apply the adjustment.
  9. Use the Overall Amount slider in the tool control group to further refine the global intensity of the tool and blend it back with the original image.


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