This tool allows the adjusting of image detail and clarity. Using this tool you can get great detail or get a smoother picture with less detail. This is the main tool to increase the contrast of the image and visualize more details in the image. Thanks to AI the tool is content-aware, so it can adjust areas variably, based on the subject. The tool is also human-aware so it doesn’t over-process them. As a result – faces and skin look natural, while the objects around them look detailed.

  • Amount. The strength of the effect. By moving the slider to the right, the amount of visible detail in the image increases. Moving the slider to the left will cause the image to lose detail and flatten. This slider is softer in general and produces very natural results.
  • Boost. Adjusts the overall display of details. Moving the slider to the right will accentuate details. This emphasizes more small details and little bit more aggressive. It offers a more HDR-like look.


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