If you’d like to take additional control over how tools behave, try these three advanced options.

  • Double click a Slider. If you double-click on any slider name resets the value to the default. In most cases, double-clicking returns it to 0.
  • Drag the Numbers. If you click and drag on the number value in the sidebar, moving the cursor to the left and right will let you set the values of the slider with high accuracy. Slider sensitivity is higher than with its normal movement. This allows you to fine-tune to small numeric values. This feature is Mac-only.
  • Edit Mask. Click the Edit Mask button below a tool name to control how a mask is applied. This allows you to blend the results or use a brush to control the tools application.
  • Magic Mouse and Trackpad (macOS). To make your mac’s mouse or trackpad more comfortable, the swipe function only works in Library mode. You can also use the left and right arrows when in Edit mode.


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